Syria: Girl who lost her legs in shelling learns to walk again


Sidra Zaarur, a 13-year-old Syrian girl who lost her legs during shelling by Jabhat-al-Nusra militants in 2016, returned to normal life in her home city of Aleppo after getting treatment in Russia.

During the militant shelling in 2016, Sidra lost not only her legs but her elder sister and her two children.

"When we went outside to look at the aftermath of the explosion and the devastation resulting from the shell, I saw remains of the children' bodies scattered on the ground," recalled Sidra's father.

When she was taken to the hospital and got initial treatment, a Russian officer approached her and proposed her to continue the recovery process in the Russian Federation.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered a military transport plane with doctors to move Sidra to Moscow for further treatment.

"They provided my daughter with the prostheses. Afterwards, at first, she sustained physical therapy under the care of several doctors. One of the them specialized in hand massage, and the other in physical therapy. Then she was being treated by the doctor who specialized in installing artificial parts of the body," Sidra's mother said.

Today Sidra tries her best to succeed in school and aims to enter university in the future. One day she would like to visit Moscow again to say thanks.

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