Suhel Seth's time is up

Suhel Seths time is up

Suhel lied in 2015

In an exchange of tweets with journalist Ajai Shukla Suhel Seth was not honest about his links with Dassault and said that he had bumped into the head of the French companies representative to India at the airport.

If he had nothing to hide he should have openly talked about his branding deal with the company.

It is a usual practice of defence companies to pay middlemen money so that they can influence the politicians and bureaucrats. The investigations have now begun into who are the politicians and bureaucrats Suhel Seth met between those years to convince about the aircraft that India should buy.

Seth is losing many of his contracts

Many women spoke to us directly and mentioned about what has happened with them in their interaction with him. Most described his sexual overtures and lewd comments.

Since the 17 year-old-girl who came up with how she had been harassed by Seth in Mumbai, many corporations have thrown him out of contracts that he had been serving for years. While many say that the memory of people is short in India about your misdeeds but the impact on Seth's career can be clearly seen.

Seth has left the country to be with his friend Mallya

In a bid to escape the onslaught of the press against him, Seth has left India and is said to be in London. One may recall that Suhel Seth was on the board of Kingfisher airlines and used to demand being sitting on the three front seats of Kingfisher airlines. He had protested once on somebody else sitting on that seat and had created a chaos on the airline.

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