Old rivals shake hands on denuclearisation

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un finally met each other to discuss over denuclearisation in Sentosa Island in Singapore putting an end to their decades-old caustic relations.

The face to face meeting of the two leaders has been termed as a historic summit. The meeting was scheduled days after Kim Jong Un dismantled the nuclear testing sites in Pyongang citing President Trump's invitation.

The US secretary for state Mike Pompeo, in a press conference, said that The US will not lift any sanctions until North Korea destroys its nuclear programs completely. The whole world had their eyes glued to the television to watch both the leaders shake hands in this very historic meet.

It is too early to draw a conclusion citing the past rivalry between the two nations and their indignant behaviour towards each other. The bitter exchange of words between Trump and Kim made it unimaginable for the world to watch them joining hands. Kim Jong Un had said that he has a nuclear button on his table right in front of him, to which Trump responded that he has a similar button which is which works.

Since Kim Jong Un came to power he went on overdrive showcasing his countries nuclear test an intercontinental ballistic missile launches. But his want for a peace treaty demands went hand in hand with these tests.

Notwithstanding the considerate relations of the two countries, the US still holds the chief power of stocking nuclear weapons.

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