Not a warm welcome for Modi in London


The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived today in London on a four day visit for the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting. Over the course of next four days what is also expected is a number of bilateral trade agreements between India and UK.
The first sunny day of spring was not very pleasant for Modi supporters in London. Around 11 am the heat waves were scorching enough to dehydrate one's body, nevertheless the protesters in hundreds, were raining slogans against the Prime Minister.
'He does not believe in democracy…he is a dictator who likes to rule.. That's why we are protesting against him', said Alka Singh, holding a placard in her hand which read 'Modi face of Indian terrorism'.

The current ruling party in India has often been accused of condoning crime against Muslims. The ascension of Modi to 7 race course has been seen as license by some to foment ethnic tensions. 'This is an attempt to make India a Hindu state...we will not let it happen', said a member Tamil Association, UK.
'Dekho Dekho Kaun Aaya..Bharat Maa Ka Sher Aaya' (see who is here, it's the tiger of mother India) was the counter by Modi's supporters who stood within earshot from the crowd.

Saffron clad members of the ruling party flocked at the parliament square. In their hundreds, children, women and men were there to pour support. Ramesh Chandra Sharma, a business man from north London said that whole world has started considering India 'as a serious international player' for the first time ever and the credit goes to the current government policies.
Heated exchange of slogans captured the attention of onlookers near the houses of parliament which attracts thousands of tourist everyday due to Big Ben and its vicinity to London Eye.

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