Watch: International Women's Day - Women continue to inspire and touch lives


Every year, since 1910, International Women's Day is being celebrated on March 8.

As we witness movements like #MeToo and Time's Up, women continue to push for fair treatment and equality rights, at home and at work, with or without the International Women's Day.

Meeta Verma, psychologist working in Greater Noida, says, "Everyday should be Women's Day. Women need to remember that we have the power to achieve much more, other than bound ourselves by social norms, unnecessary expectations and restrictions. Many times we don't even tap our potential. We don't need to wait for the Womens' Day to celebrate ourself".

For many, this day should not be limited to just talks or using women as artifacts while promoting feminism.

Sapna Dwivedi, an author, says, "I feel women should be protected against crime of all kinds. For that washrooms should be provided for all women, for them to lead a dignified life. And Women's Day must be made more relevant for women in rural areas".

Women's day continues to be celebrated to increase awareness about gender equality and breaking stereotypes.

Ashwarya Sharma, software engineer and wildlife enthusiast says, "My message to all the women on this day is that every decision they make should be made by their choice rather than social obligations driving them".

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