Did we forget people with disabilities in the Kerala floods?


The state of Kerala has seen the worst floods in last 100 years. Almost, 390 people lost their lives to the natural disaster. Several people, organisations and countries around the word have extended aid to the people of Kerala. However, people with disabilities have been forgotten in this narrative. During natural calamities, the vulnerable section of the society is most affected.

"Apart from people with disabilities, during a calamity, people are injured and become temporarily or permanently disabled. I found that none of the NGOs are collecting any funds for the people with disabilities," says Nipun Malhotra, disability activist and co-founder of Nipman Foundation.

The Nipman foundation has decided to address this gap. In collaboration with Indigo airlines, the foundation has sent 100 kg of wheelchair to Thiruvananthapuram free of cost. The wheelchairs are sent to a local NGO, Pain and Palliative Care Trust for distribution amongst people with disability.

The initiative has been possible due to several organisations coming together and working towards it. The Nipman foundation took up the initiative to collect funds for providing and sending wheelchairs to Kerala (each wheelchair costs Rs. 5000), the Indigo airlines is shipping the wheelchairs for free of cost and Pain and Palliative Care Trust is the local NGO making sure that the wheelchair reaches the people with disabilities.

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