CBI did a botched investigation

CBI did a botched investigation

It is a joke on India's investigating agency the Central Bureau of Investigation. Case after case the agency has botched up and let the criminal get away or tried to build cases around the needs of political establishments. But the legal system of India has come to the rescue and delivered a slap on the face of the CBI describing it as having no clue of the what it was investigating.
Patiala House court's Special judge OP Saini makes it clear in his 1552-page verdict that CBI had no clue what it was investigating. "The charge sheet of the instant case is based mainly on misreading, selective reading,non-reading and out of the context reading of official records." "There is no evidence on the record produced before the Court indicating any criminality in the acts allegedly committed by the accused persons relating to fixation of cutoff date, manipulation of first-come, first serve policy." "No understanding of the official notes by outside agency (CBI) creates an impression of wrongdoing." "Guidelines have been framed in such technical language that meaning of many terms are not clear even to DoT officers, how can they blame companies/others for violation of the same."
The case has wasted a lot of time of the government, judiciary and the people of India. It is public money that has been wasted and it was used for 2014 election by political parties.
The petition was filed by Subramaniam Swamy who is now a member of the BJP. It is a political stunt that has been pulled on the people of India and political parties have gained from it.
CBI and Prosection slammed by Judge O P Saini
Judge OP Saini wrote that, "Prosecution became highly cautious and guarded as the case progressed". "It was difficult to find out what the prosecution wanted to prove. Quality of prosecution totally deteriorated and it became directionless and diffident in the end".
OP Saini also said that "learned special public prosecutor and the regular prosecutor were moving in two different directions without any coordination".
It has been a mockery of a case and the people of India have been taken for a ride for the last six years.
This case also sheds light on the poor investigation by CAG and in publishing such reports that are baseless and put the whole country through turmoil.
Vinod Rai the CAG who released this report will have some answers to give.

Swati Singh

Swati Singh

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