Apathy of state-run school in Koderma: 68 students, 2 teachers


The condition of the state-run schools in India is going from bad to worse. Rohit Gandhi, the editor of Democracy News Live on his recent visit to Koderma in Jharkhand witnessed the appalling conditions of schools, in this district. It is no surprise that child labour is rampant in the district. The teacher in this particular state-run school gets paid Rs.300/- per day, making less than a daily wage labourer.

Between 68 students and five classes, there are only two teachers. What if one teachers falls sick? Then?

The cook, an old lady, working alone, gets paid only Rs. 30/- per day.

According to the 2017 article by scroll.in, the strength of teachers in Jharkhand schools is just 56.4% of the requirement. Also, Jharkhand spends Rs 8,504 per child per year where Rs 19,396 is required. In koderma, it seems, it's even less per student.

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