Anti-G20 activists protest in Buenos Aires as summit draws near


Hundreds of anti-G20 activists packed the Don Leon Kolbowski Stadium in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, protesting against the upcoming summit, due to take place in two days.

The protesters raised banners and flags denouncing the summit, while also chanting slogans against the Argentine government. A stage was also set up, where various speakers took their turn to address the crowd.

One of them was Marina Cardelli, leader of the Seamos Libres movement, who said, "it doesn't mater how many police or prefecture, or gendarme forces they deploy. We know very well who the violent ones are. We know very well who are accountable for the looting, starvation and poverty in Argentina."

The G20 meeting will take place in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1. It is the first summit to be held in South America.

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