Wonder boy Shakir builds complex machines from pieces of scrap


Thomas Edison has rightly said, "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk". This is exactly what Shakir Hussain, a young innovator from the Kupwara district of Kashmir has proved. Shakir designs his own machines. He studies at a local government school in grade 9th. In 2011, Shakir designed his own improvised model of a bulldozer just much smaller in size.
Over the past three years, Shakir's academic grades started dropping tremendously. When inquired by his teachers, it was found that it was dues to his growing fondness for machines. As per his family, he was always busy collecting scrap.
A family member said, "He is always seen collecting pieces of steel, iron, plastic, bolts etc. We thought he does nothing but wastes time." None of his family members could understand Shakir's obsession of collecting scrap and waste material.
In 2010, Shakir designed a blueprint of macadam surfacing machine when he was still a primary class student. His family destroyed that model thinking that Shakir is not concentrating in school and loitering around. Shakir was unmoved by this. In 2013, he designed the model of a bulldozer using his collected scrap material. These included discarded glucose bottle pipes, disposable syringes, tin and wooden pieces. One of his recent inventions is a wood cutter. Shakir says, "It took me 35 days to design this cutter and it is done all from scrap." He has converted his store room into a mini workshop. Shakir further says, "It's unfortunate that I'm not getting any support from government even not from my parents. Everyone is cursing me, instead of appreciating."
But, the local populace is impressed by Shakir's talent. They visit his one room manufacturing unit to see him working.
When asked Shakir's mother about his talent, she says,"The entire family is pressuring him to give up. But he does not care. We destroyed all his things but he is not deterred."
Shakir is arranging resources for his manufacturing unit as he is not getting any financial support from the governmnet, family or his school. With a boyish grin on his face, Shakir says," Building machines is natural for me and I love making them."

Sajad Lone

Sajad Lone

Sajad Lone from North Kashmir, District kupwara. Graduate in mass.communication & multimedia production. Since 2015 I'm working with few local newspapers.

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