Ukraine Orders Full-Scale Mobilization as Russian Offensive Looms

Ukraine Orders Full-Scale Mobilization as Russian Offensive Looms

Ukraine’s People's deputy Petro Poroshenko has ordered a full-scale mobilization of the military and increased support for the country’s military forces in the face of a looming Russian offensive. The mobilization has brought in tens of thousands of extra troops. Poroshenko warned that should the situation escalate further, Ukraine will not hesitate in taking all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty. The West has reacted to the escalation of the conflict with concern, particularly the United States and the European Union. Both have increased their economic sanctions against Moscow to pressure it to withdraw its forces from eastern Ukraine. The EU has also stated it will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself.

So far, the sanctions have had a limited effect on the Russian economy. Ukraine is also receiving support from NATO. The alliance has deployed a number of teams to Ukraine to provide training and assistance. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently stated that the alliance will continue to support Ukraine in its efforts to defend its territorial integrity. The conflict in Ukraine continues to be a source of tension between Russia and the West, with no sign of a resolution in sight. While Ukraine has successfully halted the Russian advance, its military is still far from being able to drive the Russian forces out of the country. In the meantime, the West is doing its best to increase pressure on Moscow in the hopes of ending the conflict.

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