Is an anti-muslim signboard at Australian border real?


Soumadip Dey

Claim: A picture is doing the rounds on social media that claims Australia has put up an anti-Muslim communal signboard along its border.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

What Happened: A picture, apparently of an Australian signboard, has been widely circulated in India that reads, "You are entering Australia. We have our own law system which is not Sharia Law. Our way, not your way. Don't like it? Pack your bags and leave."

Facts: This picture was originally uploaded by a Facebook page named Freedom Of Speech Productions.

The original picture is actually of a Road Train Warning Sign, which was cleverly photoshopped.

Conclusion: These sorts of photoshopped images are very popular on propaganda websites, as they are visually arresting and cleverly communicative. When one adds a communal angle to the message, in this case, anti-Muslim rhetoric, they can easily attain virality.

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