Is video of bombing at a funeral in Kashmir real? | Fake Fact or Fiction | Episode 16


Soumadip Dey

Claim: A video has been shared across social media platforms claiming that the body of a suicide bomber blew up in Kashmir during his funeral procession. The grainy, low quality video shows people walking in a funeral procession when a bomb blast occurs. The video then displays the victims of the blast strewn across the road. The video is been shared by different people on WhatsApp and Facebook, with the following caption in Hindi:

A suicide terrorist was killed by police in Kashmir, before he could blow himself up. The Muslims there called him a messiah and gathered in large numbers for his funeral procession but they forgot that the bomb is still on the body of the terrorist and it is still active.

Then this happened ... Allah Hu Akbar ??'

This video, with an identical narrative, has also been shared repeatedly on Facebook. The video is largely being shared individually. The video has also been shared on twitter with completely same narrative.

Facts: This is not the first instance of this particular video being shared with a false narrative. In 2017, the same video was shared with the following description:

'The Israeli killed a suicide bomber. His brothers took the body and started marching with it claiming he was innocent. They forgot that the bomb was still tied to the corpse. See what happens. What message did God pass?'

However, we determined that the video is not from Israel or Kashmir, but is in fact from Syria. The incident took place in Zamalka, Syria, in 2012, and was reported on by international news portals at the time. The consensus among media reports appears to have been that it was a car bomb explosion.

Conclusion: This is not the first time that an old image or video has been repeatedly used in a false narrative, and it is very unlikely to be the last. It is a request to all our viewers to be critical of any fowards on social media.

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