Fake Fact or Fiction | Episode 15


Soumadip Dey

Claim: A message has been circulated on WhatsApp recently, claiming that the Modi Government has started a new scheme enabling people to donate to the Indian armed forces, specifically for battle casualties and weapons purchases.

The donations will also be used for weapons purchases. It also includes a bank account number that people can donate to. The message specifically singles out the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for initiating this scheme, and calls it a masterstroke.

Facts: This message is partially true, as the Indian Army Welfare Fund For Battle Casualties does exist, and the bank account details provided are bonafide.

This particular fund was started in 2016 in order to streamline the acceptance of donations and contributions from organizations and individuals.

While similar funds already exist, this is a new centralized initiative. However, the fund is specifically setup for the welfare of the next of kin and children of battle casualties, and nowhere does it mention weapons purchases.

Moreover, the attribution to Modi specifically is also somewhat misleading, as this was a Defence Ministry initiative prompted by individuals and NGOs who argued for a simplified process for donations to the armed forces.

Conclusion: This story is partially true, as the fund and the bank account are real. However, false extra detail has been added to embellish it and add more authenticity, while simultaneously bolstering the image of the Prime Minister. It is important that the readers have a critical and analytical thinking in today's time.

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