The Millennials: Guide To Body Image


Gautham Venkatraman

Body image is the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body. -Oxford English Dictionary.

In a world where trends are loquacious, body image is a taunt that has taken over the minds of young adults and torn down the confidence of every teenager. It is something that haunts them, increases the feeling of insecurity, and leads to the tendency of exaggerating one's flaws and imperfections. Everyone wants to match society's definition of perfect or beautiful because we've conditioned our minds to conform to the set 'standards'.

What are these 'standards'? Even models with the 'perfect' features and 'perfect' bodies struggle to keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends. No one is ever 'enough' because everyone is either too tall or too short, too heavy or too skinny, too fair or too dark, too this or too that.

Is there such a thing as a perfect? Or it just a word that defines how we should be? Everyone has imperfections, it is what makes us human. The ability to differentiate who we are from the person next to us, even if it is on the basis of physical appearance, is what makes us diverse; it makes us who we are and that is what really counts.

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