This Bengaluru-based startup is helping save India's soldiers on the frontlines

This Bengaluru-based startup is helping save Indias soldiers on the frontlines

  • When a landmine reportedly left an Indian Army soldier bleeding during the 2016 surgical strikes while still within the other side’s shooting range, his fellow personnel immediately tended to his injuries with a haemostat known to seal wounds within three minutes.
  • Developed by Bengaluru-based startup Axio Biosolutions, the haemostat, Axiostat, is helping soldiers of the Indian Army, as well as those around the world, tend to their injured peers and address a major cause of preventable death: Blood loss as a result of trauma.
  • While it’s the not first haemostat in the world, it is the first wound-dressing product from India to receive the US Food & Drug Administration’s nod for US sales, and by far the cheapest in the world.
  • states that they intend to develop “affordable, high-impact medical products that can solve unmet healthcare needs of emerging markets

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