Smart home: Safe and savvy

Smart home: Safe and savvy

  • Made in India, and coming from Jalandhar-based EBTL, Amour 3.0 is a mobile -assisted smart switching automation solution for the home.
  • It can manage various functions via smartphone, in and out of the home, such as controlling calls, opening the gate, activating the camera or switching the garden lights on.
  • It is centred around a 7-inch touch display and allows one to answer easily from anywhere in the home; answer remotely when you are out, open the home gate via the smartphone; check the house remotely, using a smartphone to activate the external and internal cameras connected to the video internal unit; switch on the garden light or watering when the owner are out or on holiday directly from the phone.
  • When it acquired an IoT startup called SmartThings, whose technology allows you to monitor, control, and automate a wide range of connected devices, Samsung signaled its intention to enter this burgeoning business.

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