OTC drugs: Can pharma move fast-enough?

OTC drugs: Can pharma move fast-enough?

  • With a strong distribution network, FMCG companies are shifting gears and preparing to cater to the needs of a more health conscious rural population with OTC medical products.
  • With healthcare being the need of the hour, we believe pharmaceutical companies can leverage the self-sustaining FMCG marketing insights for tapping and penetrating the rural markets and for establishing trust for modern medicines.
  • Accessibility: Designing a portfolio where existing distribution channels can be used to piggyback other complementary products, for example, using the current retails outlets for extending OTC channel first and later extending it for prescription drugs.
  • For example, Netmeds, the online retailer of prescription medicines and other healthcare products in India, uses its digital platform to seamlessly distribute drugs and other medical products in the emerging markets across the country.

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