Major Challenges For Entrepreneurship In Afghanistan – OpEd

Major Challenges For Entrepreneurship In Afghanistan – OpEd

  • however, over the last five years the economy of Afghanistan has improved as compared to the earlier years, such as; the number of infrastructural projects, investments, the opening of Afghanistan's trade corridors with China, Azerbaijan, Turkey and India and the declaration of Afghanistan as one of the top 10 improvers in doing business.
  • The major export partners of Afghanistan are India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, and Iran, with the export rate of goods and services as a percentage of GDP is 5.90 %.
  • Thus, the Government needs to pave private sectors, ventures, and start-ups the ways by providing them special security, fund providing institutions, infrastructure and capitals, this way the unemployment problem will be overcome through the creation of job opportunities by the Entrepreneurial activities.
  • Shubam Chaudary, the World Bank director for Afghanistan said about the survey carried out by the World Bank; "High poverty rates represent the combined effect of strategic economic growth, increasing demographic pressure, and deteriorating security situation".
  • In order to enhance the country's economy and put out the slowdown, the Government of Afghanistan must avail the proper platforms for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs to undertake their ventures.

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