India and Switzerland talk digital health by Aparna Kumaraswamy

India and Switzerland talk digital health by Aparna Kumaraswamy

  • Looking back at the interesting ideas, insights and innovative solutions that were presented to the audience at the conclave, three broad areas emerged as current and future areas of engagement: Empowering the patient, Enabling digital health innovation, and Artificial intelligence and machine learning for global health.
  • In view of increased patient access to healthcare information, there is an expectation from the patients' side for more informed decisions, increased interaction with physicians and more participatory treatments, including second opinions.
  • Since enhanced patient-physician interaction is the first step towards better patient outcomes, Prof. Dr. med Andreas Trojan, a medical oncologist with nearly 35 years of experience in prominent medical institutions across Switzerland, spoke emphatically on the role of medical health apps in the empowerment of cancer patients.
  • This session had prominent speakers from Indian and Swiss Universities and Public health initiatives, who emphasised on how to build novel ecosystems that enable, foster and steer future digital health initiatives.
  • Digital health is a chimera of technology, medicine, law and management: ZHAW aims to design Digital health programs encompassing diverse systems like  systems medicine, preventive care, pattern analysis, deep learning, biomarker analysis, data fusion, machine learning, mobile apps, management of healthcare organisations, process optimization, and law.
  • They shared interesting insights on the potential of digital technologies in healthcare including improving diagnosis, aiding clinical decision making, reducing clinician fatigue, improving clinical outcomes and promoting interceptive medicine over preventive medicine.

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