Huddle Incubated 'Silky Cup' to Improve Hygiene for Women

Huddle Incubated Silky Cup to Improve Hygiene for Women

  • Silky cup is made to improve hygiene for women with a key focus on areas around India where there is limited access to sanitation and basic needs for women.
  • Therefore, Silky Cup is a reusable and highly cost-effective product that is made keeping in mind the well-being of women, as well as providing an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • A menstrual Silky Cup offers many advantages such as sleeping well, visiting the pharmacy less, holds more liquid, wards off rashes, lightens your purse requires less changing, saves money, allows for an extra five hours in between changes, cause you to suffer fewer leaks.
  • Silky Cup can easily manage heavy bleeding, irregular periods, prolonged menstrual periods and perimenopause.
  • Silky Cup is a reusable and washable feminine hygiene product.

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