Here's Why Indian Startups Continue To Attract Japan's Top Investors

Heres Why Indian Startups Continue To Attract Japans Top Investors

  • Nao Ito, operating partner, BEENEXT which had participated in 29 startup funding rounds with investments in 25 Indian startups in 2017 alone, said, "I think we are having good momentum for more deeper collaboration opportunities in recent data empowered society/economy - facing both each challenge - India to empower the vast population with "digital inclusion" with the strength in "jugaad creation", and Japan to adapt to the shift in the shrinking population with "digital transformation" with the strength in "Kaizen improvement".
  • Brij Bhasin, general partner, Rebright Partners seconded, "We see a lot of investments from Japanese investors and companies in Indian startups from financial as well as strategic standpoints.
  • On investing in India, BEENEXT's Ito said, "It's great to have continuous "cases" to be developed in the ecosystem among Founders, Investors and as well as potential Business Strategic partners mentioned above along the journey of creating and expanding the values by the startups step by step.

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