Chinese entrepreneurs ride India internet consumer wave

Chinese entrepreneurs ride India internet consumer wave

  • Mayfair, Bulbul have entered the e-commerce space in India, while Welike and Injoy among others are present in the content segment Chinese startups such as TikTok (ByteDance), UC News, News Dog and Club Factory are already present in India
  • Bengaluru: Around 50 Chinese entrepreneurs have launched internet companies in India in the past one year, inspired by success stories of NewsDog, Shein and TikTok, according to multiple people aware of the matter.
  • While some of them such as e-commerce platform Mayfair and video-based e-commerce platform BulBul have recently attracted investments, there are several others that are being worked on by Chinese entrepreneurs in India.
  • "It needs a lot of preparation to start a business in India-one needs to understand the regulation as well as the users," said the Chinese entrepreneur cited earlier, who is among at least 50 other Chinese entrepreneurs who have recently started up in India.
  • While some are hiring an Indian who can head and understand the local market better, some others have founded companies with an Indian co-founder for the same reason, said multiple people Mint spoke with.

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