Businesses are betting big on voice to rope in and keep customers. Here's why and how they're doing it

Businesses are betting big on voice to rope in and keep customers. Heres why and how theyre doing it

  • Apart from natural language processing,, a deep learning and speech recognition AI startup, has also built an engine where Indian farmers and business executives can speak to the program, in their native language.
  • Voice is everywhere Simply put, voice recognition systems allow users to interact with technology by speaking out instructions for a variety of tasks: set an alarm or reminder, search for facts and figures online, find news, play music, and now even purchase something from an online store.
  • For example, when a user says, “Alexa, start the meeting,” in a conference room, Alexa uses the location of the device, the calendar information for the room, and the type of video conferencing equipment available, all stored on the Alexa for Business account, to start the meeting.
  • Forrester also says that IBM Watson, Alexa, and Microsoft have the ability to lead in voice because of its breadth of services, product road map, analytics, UX and app development support.
  • The cognitive revolution is here to stay, voice is just a part of the whole digital transformation with bots that crunch data and make it easier for humans to manage processes,” says The company has more than 1,100 enterprise customers and joined the 'unicorn' club last year after raising $300 million in funding from from SoftBank and achieving a valuation of over $1 billion.
  • In Bengaluru, analytics player Manthan is building a product where a CEO can command an Alexa-based Bot called Maya to call in sales figures in an organisation on a daily basis by region and location of stores.

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