BJP trying to create 'hyper nationalistic environment' ahead of Lok Sabha polls: Rahul Gandhi

BJP trying to create hyper nationalistic environment ahead of Lok Sabha polls: Rahul Gandhi

  • Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha polls only to distract people from the issues of unemployment, agrarian crisis and what he called ‘massive failures’ of the Modi government.
  • Describing the upcoming elections as all about making a choice between India of Mahatma Gandhi and that of his assassin Nathuram Godse, Rahul Gandhi also alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi generates ‘hate’ and that his brand of politics was ‘hateful’ with consequent costs.
  • To a question on the Congress’ promise of minimum income guarantee being touted as a game changer, Gandhi said he does not think that this alone has the power to transform the country, but under the current circumstances and the level of pain India is feeling, it is a requirement.
  • Admitting that the previous UPA government was unable to do enough to resolve the job crisis, Gandhi said what Modi has done is to aggravate the situation by introducing demonetisation and the GST and allowing industrialist Anil Ambani style ‘crony capitalism’ to run rampant.

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