Raazi is a no brainer... so watch if you haven't

Raazi is a no brainer... so watch if you havent

When it's Meghna Gulzar's subject, it only has to be phenomenal because it's not her maiden attempt to have picked another true and such an inspiring story. We often disregard the ordinary and movies like this or Talwar (another classic MG watch) re-instill the audience with either patriotism or hatred for our system but the sad truth is that none is sustainable.

Because it's only momentary given the impact of such deep subjects which have gone unnoticed in our history. To talk about the movie minus Alia, great script, strong screenplay, classic performances by most, some lovely songs too! My sympathies for Sanjay Suri, Kanwaldeep and even Soni Razdan for the glimpse of a presence in the movie even though I'm sure they would have happily agreed to take up and be a part of this very engrossing thriller (especially the first half!)

One does have a heavy heart towards the end because to my mind cheating/deception should be against any moral system be it to an individual or a country. It's just as bad!

Alia - blessed, natural, talent overdose etc. the list can go on. You have a long way to go girl!

Raazi is a no brainer... so watch if you haven't.

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