It's time for you to join the brigade

Its time for you to join the brigade

The wedding season is going to be all over us again. It's time we get our priorities sorted and life arranged, and this time not let anything slide off from our hands. All those dreamy sequences in your head are now all set to be real. NOT TO FORGET the cult background scores that have been running in your head since 13 ( Kuch kuch Hota hai Rahul tum nahi samjhoge). Pretending to blush, striking your best pose, it's time to get your angles right. Currently a part of the age where time equals money, let's save on both if we can.

At The Wedding Brigade their motto is "Discover- Shop- Book", aiming to build people's trust in them.

The Wedding Brigade's, helmed by Sanna Vohra (Forbes 30 under, 30 Asia 2018), mission is to create India's most-trusted wedding brand through curated and easy to access content, products and services. In times when rented clothes have established themselves as a trend it's interesting how they have sustained their image in the market. Apart from your regulars they also have their blogs, catering to all your social needs be it how to make an instagram hashtag or poses must for an ideal wedding photoshoot.

Sanna Vohra is the Founder and CEO of The Wedding Brigade, an online portal where users can discover the best wedding content, buy curated wedding fashion, and book verified vendors and services. The Wedding Brigade was recognized as one of the Top 50 Ventures in India by the Smart CEO-Startup50 2017 Awards, in the consumer brand category.

Prior to The Wedding Brigade, Sanna worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley in New York, and at the advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi X. She discovered her passion for building businesses at Brown University, when she co-founded the largest student-run business at the time, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude. Sanna Vohra has recently made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 List.

Tell me about your journey?

It wasn't something planned, but quite random, I had some work skills and some experience in entrepreneurship. My friend's sister was getting married and she was planning the whole wedding. As a witness to all the hustle bustle she was going through with her Décor, outfits, mandap etc , I went into thinking and it led me to research if there was any particular player which could cater to all the needs, I realized there really wasn't any, which inspired me to launch a website (Indear) in 2014 talking about the cumulative interest of a wedding.

We changed the name in early 2016 to "The Wedding Brigade". It is a service booking platform, free connoisseur platform, there to take your worries to their head.

What is your ultimate goal?

Our goal is to be the most trusted wedding brand, providing the best services, and fulfilling any and every wedding need out there. We believe in consumer satisfaction and hope to create a strong base of people faithful to our services. Our ultimate goal is a scenario where the first thing a girl does after getting engaged is signing up to "The Wedding Brigade".

What is your working strategy?

So when typically someone logs into our website we connect them with a concierge that helps them narrow down on choices according to their budget and preferences. The concierge helps them with everything to picking a venue to picking vendors.

What makes you stand out in the market?

We are the only platform that offers end to end service from providing wedding related content to providing every wedding related product and services (clothes/venues/gifts/vendors). Overall, it not only helps you save on time but also on your budget as we provide negotiated prices.

Who exactly are your target audience?

Our prices are affordable, and our reach is between urban middle class and upper middle class.

What exactly is a shopper card?

The Shopper Card Is A Loyalty Card That Gets You Exclusive Discounts At India's Best Places To Shop For Weddings. Accepted at Over 100 + Top Stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata & Online GUARANTEED discount up to 25 % off. Partners include popular local favorites, boutique designers to top couture designers - Curated & Recommended by The Wedding Brigade's Style Team. You might just land up a discount of around a lakh depending upon your purchase.

What is your take on Eco Friendly Weddings?

Well if our customers want to do an eco-friendly wedding we do suggest them a few things like sending an e-invite, using more of cloth décor than flowers so that nothing is really wasted, and can all be reused. We always prefer day weddings so that one can save on a lot of resources. Also we are totally open to customizing full fledged environment friendly weddings if one asks us to.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

We aspire to be the leading brand in our field, be the best and people's first choice over anything.

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