Fitness: A way of Life


Fitness has become a way of life for many, it's a drug for some, and aspiration for others. Nothing else is truly yours than your own body, and there are no substitutes for a healthy body. Gyms have gradually become intriguing spaces in India. It is not only growing in urban India but it is full-fledged seeping into rural India as well. Many people spend hours in gyms to build their bodies. Gyms have helped the trainers and specialists to escalate the standards and ranks. It has helped them become a part of the socio-economic elite.


The Fitness Industry was built due to the innate love for developing one's bodies with more muscular power, strength, and a better physique. In today's generation, People tend to listen to others more than themselves. We don't trust our instincts to come up with the right answers anymore. In order to find an idol strategy, we often end up doing things written in some journals, newspapers, or magazines. In search of that one perfect and tempting strategy, we end up jumping from one bandwagon to the other. The only way to break out of that rut is by listening to ourselves and forming our own strategy based on our stamina. When it comes to trusting ourselves, it's going to be much more difficult than typing the words "diet" and "reducing weight" into your web search bar but, once we are at that it will deliver sustainable results.


We must introduce our stimulus to adaptation, provide rest and recovery periods to the body. If we flip the pages of any magazines, or scroll down some celebrity's Instagram, we will find them flaunting their sculpted, toned bodies and setting unrealistic body standards. Ramping up the intensity and complexity of the workout session is also important, increase the levels of lifting, set a target, and don't be too hard on your body. The possibilities to increase intensity and complexity are nearly limitless but, one should remain close to their limits of endurance.


Fitness freaks say that health is an ultimate destination in life but people nowadays, want to be a part of the global competition. They have become greedy - they search for an easy way out and thereby, they end up taking protein powders and steroids which makes their body bulky. These powder not only wreak havoc on the bodies but also in the long run it destroys the system completely. The market of proteins and steroids will continue to bring disrepute in the fitness industry.


Fitness is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the franchising world. Fitness clubs are looking forward to enlarging their business with the ideas of expansion strategies and low membership costs, thereby lining up franchisees to get in on the action. Earlier, a gym membership was seen as part of luxury but now, it has become a part of people's lifestyles. Multinational fitness chains and gyms are increasingly taking the franchisee route to enter the Indian market. Many National and International Players are mushrooming into the segment.

Riddhima Kedia

Riddhima Kedia

News Junkie and National Soccer Player

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