Simmba: Mega-ness in not just the title


Thank you friends for constantly messaging and urging me to watch and share my verdict on this one - would have been a miss otherwise!

Some are natural and some belong to the league of actors who get their mastery simply by being in the grind over the years. They better themselves at this art and reach a point of finesse and perfection which not only reflects in their work delivery but also personal life. Yes, this man belongs to the latter category- a powerhouse of energy! Not once through the movie one would be able to disconnect with the rawness of inspector, Bhalerao (aka Simmba), and the perfect humor which may sound a bit slapstick, yet it is flawless.

As the story unfolds, one witnesses some hard facts (not something we haven't heard of in the past), like drug mafia and more heinous crimes like rape. It is disturbing to learn that the number of such crimes has only risen. No matter how much cinema it inspires, sadly, the mindset remains unaffected. There probably is just one way to deal with rapists, endorsed by this unexpected, yet rock solid blockbuster flick – Simmba. The background score only adds more gravity to the subject!

The cause is not lost
On the face of it, it may come across as frivolous or shallow, which initially played on my mind and made me question my intent to watch it, only to realize that it was worth every penny. I was literally clapping through many a sequence and heard the audience echoing my response.

Rohit Shetty, the director, who has been the 'funny bones' of the industry should be commended on his debuting with a social cause. Shot primarily in Goa and mostly on the police force, the movie has ample amount of the true Marathi vibes.

Music of Simmba is a definite plus with "Aankh maare", an old melody revived, topping all current chartbusters. It surely is a quirky, fun number and is a treat to watch on screen. The new kid on the block, Sara Ali Khan, is impish and a pretty lass with an unconventional voice but nothing to write home about. The climax especially makes it more entreating. Not spilling the beans here, won't you check it out at a cinema hall near you? Enjoy!

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