Swedish Woman Detained After Spraying Fire Extinguisher at Anti-Islam Activist in Quran-Burning Protest

Swedish Woman Detained After Spraying Fire Extinguisher at Anti-Islam Activist in Quran-Burning Protest

Swedish police detained a woman on Friday after she sprayed an anti-Islam activist with a fire extinguisher during a Quran-burning protest outside the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm. The incident was captured on video and showed the woman rushing towards Salwan Momika, spraying white powder towards him before being intercepted by plainclothes police officers.

The woman, who has not been identified, was detained on suspicion of disturbing public order and violence against a police officer. Momika, a refugee from Iraq, has been organizing a series of Quran-burning protests that have caused anger in many Muslim countries.

Swedish police have allowed his demonstrations, citing freedom of speech, but have also filed preliminary hate speech charges against him. Prosecutors are currently investigating whether his actions fall under Sweden's hate speech law. The Quran-burnings have led to angry protests in Muslim countries, attacks on Swedish diplomatic missions, and threats from Islamic extremists.

As a result, Sweden raised its terrorism alert to the second-highest level, declaring the country a priority target for armed groups. Despite the risks, Momika has stated that he will continue to burn the Quran, claiming that he wants to protect Sweden's population from the messages of the religious text.

Muslim leaders in Sweden have called on the government to take action to stop the Quran burnings. However, Sweden dropped its last blasphemy laws in the 1970s and has no plans to reintroduce them. Instead, the government has announced an inquiry into the legal possibilities of enabling the police to reject permits for demonstrations based on national security concerns.

Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer explained that the inquiry would study legislation in countries such as France, Norway, and the Netherlands, which have extensive freedom of speech but also consider security in their assessments. The Quran-burnings have prompted several countries to update their travel advice for Sweden.

The U.S. Embassy in Sweden issued a security alert warning of possible retaliatory attacks by terrorists and urging caution in crowded public venues and around diplomatic facilities.

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