Qatar condemns Netanyahu's criticism of mediation efforts with Hamas as "irresponsible and destructive"

Qatar condemns Netanyahus criticism of mediation efforts with Hamas as irresponsible and destructive

Qatar has expressed outrage at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leaked remarks criticizing the country's mediation efforts with Hamas. In a leaked recording, Netanyahu stated that Qatar's role in the mediation efforts was problematic and even suggested that the US should put more pressure on Qatar to pressure Hamas. Qatar's foreign ministry spokesperson, Majed al-Ansari, condemned Netanyahu's remarks, calling them irresponsible and destructive to the efforts to save innocent lives. Al-Ansari also accused Netanyahu of obstructing and undermining the mediation process for his own political gain.

The public spat comes at a delicate and sensitive point in the negotiations, which aim to secure a deal for the release of hostages held in Gaza. Qatar and Egypt have been conducting talks between Israel and Hamas in an attempt to reach such an agreement. However, tensions have risen as a result of Netanyahu's comments, with Hamas allegedly hardening its position regarding a possible hostage deal.

The US has also been involved in the negotiations, with senior Biden adviser Brett McGurk meeting with Qatari and Egyptian officials to discuss the efforts to secure a deal. It remains to be seen how Netanyahu's remarks will impact the ongoing negotiations and the prospects for a ceasefire and a hostage release agreement.

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