Landmark Meeting: Erdogan and Netanyahu Unite to Strengthen Turkey-Israel Relations and Tackle Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Landmark Meeting: Erdogan and Netanyahu Unite to Strengthen Turkey-Israel Relations and Tackle Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In a historic meeting, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came together for the first time in person to discuss a wide range of topics, marking a significant milestone in the slow but steady improvement of the two countries' relations. The meeting held during the annual high-level United Nations General Assembly provided an opportunity for the leaders to address political, economic, regional, and the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian issue.

According to a post by the Turkish Presidency on social media platform X, Erdogan expressed his belief that Turkey and Israel can collaborate on various fronts such as energy, technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. The restoration of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel in 2016 marked a turning point after years of strained ties. However, tensions resurfaced in 2018 when Turkey recalled its diplomats from Israel and expelled Israeli envoys following Israeli forces' killing of several Palestinians participating in Gaza Strip protests. To mend these rifts, visits between high-level officials from both countries played a crucial role.

The visit of Israeli President Isaac Herzog to Turkey in March 2022, followed by reciprocal visits by foreign ministers, helped pave the way for constructive dialogue and improved relations. During their meeting, Erdogan and Netanyahu discussed the potential for energy cooperation, with a particular focus on natural gas exploration, production, and trade. Turkish Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar, who was present at the meeting, emphasized the significance of this subject and highlighted the opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

Furthermore, Turkey's charm offensive, exhibited in its efforts to mend relations with estranged rivals, also played a part in the warming ties with Israel. Turkey initiated overtures towards Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, and Saudi Arabia in 2020, further signaling its commitment to fostering better relations in the region. The meeting between Erdogan and Netanyahu not only signifies a turning point in Turkey-Israel relations but also highlights the potential for collaboration in multiple sectors, while addressing the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As both countries continue to engage in constructive dialogue, the future holds the promise of deeper cooperation and enhanced regional stability.

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