Israeli Army Unveils 'Gaza Metro' Tactic to Take Down Hamas Tunnels

Israeli Army Unveils Gaza Metro Tactic to Take Down Hamas Tunnels

The Israeli army announced a new tactic in the ongoing conflict with Hamas as part of a comprehensive effort to neutralize the threat posed by the militant group's extensive network of underground tunnels. Dubbed the "Gaza metro" by the Israeli army, these tunnels stretch over 500 kilometers and are used by Hamas to launch attacks on Israel. The military has identified over 1,300 tunnels in Gaza and has vowed to destroy them in response to a deadly attack by Hamas on southern Israel that resulted in the deaths of over 1,140 people, primarily civilians, as well as the abduction of around 250 hostages, of whom approximately 132 remain captive.

To combat this threat, Israel has launched a multi-faceted offensive, including a recent operation to channel water into the tunnels in order to flood and destroy them. This new tactic is part of a range of capabilities developed by the IDF and Israel's security establishment to combat Hamas' underground infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. The use of water to destroy the tunnels has raised concerns about the potential impact on Gaza's already fragile infrastructure.

In December, there were reports that the military was considering flooding the tunnels with seawater from the Mediterranean, which experts warned would pose significant risks to the civilian population and infrastructure in Gaza. However, the Israeli army has stated that they have taken care to avoid damaging the area's groundwater, and have only carried out the operation in tunnel routes and locations that were suitable. This approach matches the method of operation to each case, with the intention of minimizing collateral damage to Gaza's infrastructure and civilian population.

Hamas initially constructed this extensive network of tunnels to bypass Israel's blockade on the Gaza Strip, enabling the smuggling of people, goods, and weaponry in and out of Egypt. The tunnels were further expanded after the 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas, and have been used by the militant group to launch rocket attacks on Israel. This latest tactic is part of Israel's ongoing effort to counter the threat posed by Hamas' underground infrastructure, demonstrating the continued innovation and adaptation of the IDF and the security establishment in their efforts to protect Israel's citizens and combat terrorism.

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