Hunter Biden Files Federal Lawsuit Against IRS Agents for Unauthorized Disclosure of Tax Information

Hunter Biden Files Federal Lawsuit Against IRS Agents for Unauthorized Disclosure of Tax Information

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over allegations of unauthorized disclosure of his tax information. The lawsuit claims that IRS agents unlawfully released his confidential tax return details and failed to safeguard his private records. Hunter Biden is seeking all documents related to the disclosure of his tax information, compensation of $1,000 for each unauthorized release, and a data security plan from the agency, among other relief. The lawsuit specifically points to IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who publicly made statements alleging preferential treatment given to Hunter Biden by the U.S. Justice Department.

The lawsuit does not name them as defendants, but it is clear that their disclosures are at the center of the lawsuit. Shapley and Ziegler also took their complaints to a House committee. This legal action comes on the heels of Hunter Biden being indicted on felony gun charges after a plea deal with prosecutors fell apart. Earlier this year, he had agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor offenses related to his federal income tax filings. However, the judge in the case demanded clarity on the immunity offered to Biden in regards to his business dealings and foreign lobbying, leading to the collapse of the deal. It's important to note that this lawsuit does not challenge the legitimacy of the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes or any penalties imposed on him for non-compliance with tax laws.

Rather, it focuses on the alleged unlawful disclosure of his protected tax return information by IRS employees, their representatives, and others involved. The lawsuit argues that the disclosures were made intentionally and repeatedly, disregarding the legal exceptions for such disclosures. Hunter Biden's legal team emphasized that this lawsuit is not about the federal whistleblower statute or the proper use of procedures for making disclosures to authorized government officials. Instead, it is about the breach of obligations by IRS employees and their representatives in publicly disclosing his confidential tax information.

The IRS has not yet responded to the lawsuit, and the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee has criticized the legal action as intimidation. Hunter Biden also recently filed another lawsuit against a former White House aide during the Trump administration over the publication of embarrassing images and emails. As the legal battles continue, Hunter Biden remains at the center of scrutiny and controversy, with House Republicans investigating alleged ties between his business practices and his father's policies as vice president. The White House has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and there is currently no evidence to support the claims of improper profiting by President Joe Biden from his son's businesses.

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