Blindness could not kill his spirit

The place is famous as Thandi Khui, because of an old 'well' and on the banks of this well there is an old Kiosk, where a blind man named Bishan Dass sells fresh tea and 'burfi', an Indian sweet made of milk products called 'Khoya".

Bishan Dass, who is in his early 60's, not only prepares and sells fresh tea but also is able to deduct money and even though he is blind, he is earning much more than many others.

At a time when there is an ongoing debate to give more and more reservation in jobs to disabled persons, in India, there is Bishan Dass, a completely blind man in Jammu, not only earning bread and butter for his family, but is also a renowned figure in the region for selling famous ginger tea and sweets, at Jammu-Delhi National Highway.

Many people, not only from Jammu & Kashmir, but also from many other states, visit this small shop, around 17 miles from Jammu City called as 'Thandi Khui', in Samba district, to have a cup of hot tea with burdi and other snacks.

The owner of the shop Ajay Kumar said, "The main attraction of this shop is 'Bishan Dass'. After demise of my grandfather, Bishan ji is looking after all the business with full dedication and perfection and we are assisting him only."

"You will surely get amazed by seeing him, he (Bishan) can't see but still he can make a perfect cup of tea which you will love to have. The taste of our tea and burfi attracts more and more people. He also makes the famous Khoya barfi here. He can't see but he deducts money according to the products you have taken and then return you the money left. Isn't this amazing", added Kumar.

Daily they sell around 50 kg of Khoya Barfi," said Amit Sharma, a regular client at Bishan's shop.

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