Albanese Under Fire: PM Criticizes China's Dangerous Encounter, but Keeps Talks with Xi Jinping Muffled

Albanese Under Fire: PM Criticizes Chinas Dangerous Encounter, but Keeps Talks with Xi Jinping Muffled

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has criticized China for a dangerous encounter between Chinese and Australian warships but has declined to confirm whether he raised the issue in recent talks with President Xi Jinping. The incident occurred when a Chinese destroyer used sonar while near an Australian frigate in international waters, resulting in an Australian diver being injured. Defence Minister Richard Marles has raised serious concerns about the unsafe and unprofessional behavior of the Chinese destroyer.

Opposition lawmakers have accused Albanese of prioritizing photo ops with Xi Jinping over speaking up for Australian people. This incident has raised concerns about the safety of the Western Pacific region, as the US, Canadian, and Australian militaries have previously complained about dangerous actions by the Chinese navy and air force. China's Foreign Ministry has defended its military's actions, stating that they always operate in accordance with international law. Analysts fear that such incidents could escalate into a conflict.

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