India's Broken Healthcare System Exposed


India was built on the ideas of any good socialist nation that has health care for all. It should not be a luxury but an essential service accessible to all. Just like food and shelter. But over the last many decades if you walked into any public health facility you would see that most don't have doctors, if they are there, then there are large lines, they treat patients with utter disrespect, and facilities are mostly broken. Medication is non-existent. Patients are running helter-skelter to get their own medicines and injections. In short, it is a broken system. Hanging on the goodness of a few medical professionals who were trying their best to deliver in an economy where all else were working for profits.

Many government doctors run their private clinics and continue to make large amounts of money and the system continues to drown. The Pandemic saw the worst where people are dying due to oxygen shortages, unavailability of hospital beds, ventilators, and also expensive drugs which are unaffordable for the majority.

Pandemic has exposed the healthcare setup in India and its weakness. Instead of declaring victory over covid after the first wave, it was time for the government to get along with the medical associations and try rebuilding them. Isolating the virus was much easier after the first wave but India became lackadaisical. There were wedding parties being organized. There were numerous gatherings, social, political, and religious which turned out to be super spreaders.

With this as the backdrop, the third wave almost seems inevitable. There are multiple ways to prevent this. Humans play the most important role in breaking the chain of the virus. By maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, keeping yourself and the vicinity sanitized and by getting vaccinated we can isolate and eliminate the virus. For breaking the chains we need to act until we witness zero new cases and all of the population is fully vaccinated.

Shivani Singh

Shivani Singh

A dedicated journalist who aims at talking about lesser-known issues around the world and bringing them to light.

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