Rape Victim on protest in Rewari


A 22-year-old rape victim has been sitting on a protest at the District Commissioner's office, Rewari, Haryana. She was gang-raped four years ago. Out of the 8 accused, 3 were pronounced guilty while 5 were let off. "There is a constant threat as the accused in the case is very powerful and can harm my daughter." She also told Democracy News Live that the accused had been threatening her family with dire consequences if they do not withdraw the case. The family has been provided with paid guards for security but their additional expenses like food, winter clothing, etc are on the family. She said the family cannot constantly keep spending on the guards as it is not financially viable for them. Instead, they long for a time when they will not have to be dependent on the guards and her daughter can also break free from the four walls of her house.

The victim's mother tells us that she had applied for a gun license soon after the unfortunate incident. After 4 years of back and forth with no significant movement in the license procurement procedure, the family decided to sit on a protest. It's the 11th day of the protest. The family is adamant that they would not leave until their voice is heard and acknowledged. The family is still waiting to hear from the DC, Rewari.

Shivani Singh

Shivani Singh

A dedicated journalist who aims at talking about lesser-known issues around the world and bringing them to light.

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