Hijab of the eye

Hijab of the eye

Written by Amrata Joshi

Edited by Susmit Wadikar

I was having my hot chocolate at around 9 am on Saturday morning and through my window, I observed something which was creative. There was a stage set up and had few mannequins on it. This was exactly to the opposite of my building lane. I realised it was Eid-e-Milad. And then I immediately messaged one of my friends to wish her. But I kept on staring at the entire setup for a couple of minutes. And it didn't appear that creative as it did before. I saw few mannequins but the view wasn't clear so I decided that I will go near the stage and see it properly.

Later that day, on closer look I found something that blew my mind away, the stage had two male mannequins, one wearing casual clothes and a chart stuck on it which had a wrong sign and the other one wearing traditional Muslim clothes with a correct sign. Two female mannequins, one wearing normal burqa with a red hijab covering the head with a wrong sign and another wearing long black burqa which totally covered her from head to toes with a correct sign (tick mark) on it. As I took out my phone to take photographs of what was going on, I noticed lots of angry stares from the crowd. I quickly took a couple of photos without panicking and headed towards the nearest bus stop. And from the same crowd, three men sitting on the same bike passed by, and passed a comment on me. This did got me angry and somewhere I was scared and I called up a friend who later on managed to calm me down. I got into a bus and during the entire journey I was thinking about it.

This doesn't end here. I realised the whole setup was asking Muslims to stop living in 21st century and go back to 15th century. And women to be covered so that the other men won't feast their eyes on them. Which seems a better option to them instead of teaching their males to respect women. But the Holy Quran asks men to observe the hijab first. I ask not for the physical one, but the hijab of eye. Quran rightly asks the men to lower their gaze. Well, I am not trying to preach someone or hurt someone's religious theories but trying to stand by my thoughts.

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