India's Education is up for a tango


The five day long strike of the members of the Delhi University Teacher's Association and the students which started on 19th March, 2018 concluded on 23rd March, 2018.
DUTA will also be leading a rally on 28th March, 2018 from Mandi House to the Parliament.
Students and teacher associations are protesting against the 70:30 funding policy which they say is the government's way to privatise education.
As a part of the policy, the colleges will have to raise 30% of the funds on their own which might result in a fee hike for students. This way the colleges will be filled by only those who can afford it.
The association is also protesting against the UGC notice which has demanded a Department wise rota and the association says it might result in under-representation of the teaching faculty in the reserved categories.
They have also voiced their concerns about the UGC proposal which replaces grants with loans funded by Higher Education Funding Agency. ( HEFA )
In addition to this the Government has granted autonomy to sixty higher educational institutions which include Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Hyderabad, Aligarh Muslim University and Banaras Hindu University. Some as we know are not on this governments list of favourites. Many believe that this is the government's way of hitting back at colleges that don't fall in line with its ideology.
While the law on autonomy has already been approved by the University Grants Commission, the 70:30 revenue split is still a discussion that is beginning to rage.
If these regulations turn into a law, public sector education in India will take an unprecedented turn. University level education might become privatised leaving the poor to suffer.

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