Should we turn to counterfeit designer and luxury goods?

Should we turn to counterfeit designer and luxury goods?

There are several articles you might have read in support of or against fake designer products. This particular article aims to put out all the pros and cons in front of you and we leave the decision to you. There are quite a few people out there who cannot afford original brands and therefore turn to copies of these brands. Brands have made a position for themselves, everyone wants to own them. The fact that the production of these products is lengthy, looked into in the most precise manner makes them expensive. They burn holes in peoples pockets. Someone who owns brands is considered to have a good lifestyle because it has been put into the minds of people now.

One of the several arguments against the much-loved fake luxury goods is that it is theft. Certain groups of people consider the act of taking someone's designs and creating copies unethical. To top it off, these copies are sold at very inexpensive prices which means they are ripping the brands off in a way. The target audience of brands is always only the elite class, whereas the makers of these fake goods cater to an audience who wishes to own a branded product but cannot afford it. Someone who's salary doesn't allow them to spend on luxuries but only basic necessities in life.

The demand for counterfeit and imitation luxury goods is robust and growing. These 'fake' products range from cheap, unbelievable ones to more exact and accurately copied ones. There are innumerable points that can be kept in the mind while deciding whether to buy and in turn promote the counterfeit goods market with your purchase or not. Following are some points to be kept in the mind-


1. More affordable and easier to reach, these products look quite similar to the brands but come for only a fraction of the cost.

2. The profits for the counterfeit market is huge because there a greater number of people who can afford these products than those that look up to buy luxury brands.

3. There's some people who have a mindset that buying brands makes your lifestyle com across as better. Therefor owning something with a brand name makes them feel better.

4. There are also options for people who don't want to go for cheaper options. These options are commonly known as first copies and are made with utmost care and precision to details and are not very cheap but not as expensive as the original ones.


1. Made using designs of original brands, thus categorized more than often as theft.

2. Kill the market of luxury brands because more people are inclined to try out cheaper versions to see if they're any good.

3. Sometimes the counterfeit products are so genuine that they fool people who wish to buy original product. This can also lead to a situation where someone selling a fake product rip off a customer and make them pay as much as an original product but sell off a fake.

Which out of these two do you choose?

Are counterfeit goods really illegal and unethical for trying to cater to the audience that brands have always tended to ignore?

Are brands wrong in wanting to blame fake products for the lack of sales in their own market or for opposing the copying of their designs?

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