Indian Fashion Bloggers, affecting not just your style, but also your lifestyle

Indian Fashion Bloggers, affecting not just your style, but also your lifestyle

A fashion blogger doesn't just inspire you with what to wear or how to dress or about a makeup/hairdo or hair color, they represent a certain style. A style that is associated with them. It could be boho, a fusion of indo-western, even monochrome hues and the list goes on. They tell you about trends in fashion and lifestyles, they tell you how you can bring changes into small things like your daily routines to bigger ones like your home decors from their own personal experiences.

They are people who share their own knowledge about not just style, but also lifestyle. Lifestyle is a super vast concept and it doesn't change in a day. It is the way someone lives, the way they portray themselves and the way they go on about life. Since India has more than its fair share of Fashion Bloggers to look up to, we have come up with a list that helps.

1. Sejal Kumar

Born in an army family, Sejal Kumar has seen fashion and ways of living of many places because of the frequent transfer of her father and travelling. Flowy pants and ripped denims, everything she carries shows a part of what she is, someone as elegant and as rock punk as they can be. Her style inspires to take risks and steps in life because its short and you get to live it just once, experiment and live it to the fullest.

2. Kritika Khurana

Easily recognized by her followers and viewers as ThatBohoGirl, Kritika is a Delhi girl who started her fashion blog with big dreams and aspirations and worked to achieve them. Her modern take on ethnic type of dressing tells you how adding your own touch to traditional ever existing things and practices makes life better.

3. Purushu Arie

Purushu started his fashion blog in order to record his own journey as a fashion design student but soon came to a point where he was invited to write reviews on fashion shows. He is currently based in Chennai. He has created India's first gender neutral fashion label. The thought behind this is to create something that is for every gender alike.

4. Riaan J. George

A luxury blogger of everything from food to travel to clothes, Riaan shares his exceptional experiences with his readers and viewers. It goes on to inspire people on how experiencing everything makes you get an insight to how you live your life and how you face every challenge and take it all in a stride.

5. Komal Pandey

Formerly worked at PopXO, Komal now has started working for he self and has a YouTube channel in her name. She is known for her quirky style of dressing, mixing both western and traditional clothes for outfits that blow the mind. She wears and does what she loves and has oodles of confidence. Learning to add confidence and comfort in to your lifestyle from Komal is a must.

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