Androgynous fashion finding it's way into closets

Androgynous fashion finding its way into closets

A way of dressing oneself is where its not a 100% masculine and neither a 100% feminine. The androgynous dress themselves to look neither like a boy nor like a girl, thus, avoiding gender stereotypes. They don't fit in the culturally determined and defined characteristics of a male or a female. Now there is a thin line of difference between fashion that is gender-neutral or unisex and androgynous. Unisex is where an item of clothing is made in a way to be considered fit for wear by both males and females. When the same piece of clothing is worn by both men and women, it is gender-neutral or unisex.

Dressing the androgynous manner has not yet come to a point where it is a widely appreciated concept, but its on a path to acceptance. In many instances androgynous fashion and the LGBTQA communities have been linked. These common links could be the gender fluidity or the refusal of typical gender norms. Characteristics of androgynous dressing involves wearing open and loose silhouettes, boxy structures and also deep, dark colors and fabrics like denim.

The connection of androgynous fashion and LGBTQA in the past had also made androgyny a stigma because the latter faced war of opinions always, and still does today. But as we move forward in time, it is now easier to access. We see celebrities dressed androgynously and models that only represent androgyny. Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Jaden Smith and Andrej Pejic are some celebrity faces that are a huge part of androgynous fashion.

Blazers are considered a huge part of the androgynous fashion scene because of their boxy structure.

Capes or hoods- mostly capes that are loose and can be worn in more than

Long hair on one side and short on the other is another statement.

Loose, geometric or dark or black clothing is a huge favorite in this industry.

Even kilts worn by Scottish musicians that have been out of fashion for a long time are back now.

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