A subscription that brings more than just a bill

A subscription that brings more than just a bill

Very often, almost everyone likes to get something they really like to be delivered right at their doorstep. Or to be surprised with a package to be unboxed when they get home from work. Now imagine if the package has everything that you see yourself wearing or samples of products you want to use but aren't sure if they would suit your skin. A subscription box is a package that tends to have a decided number of products that suit the consumer's choice. They are delivered at regular intervals, usually one month.

The earliest subscription box in memory was called 'The Stampler' in the early 2004. It offered samples of products. Though this concept has been in existence for long, it has been doing the rounds in a better way these years. Consumers get to access banger deals. Having to pay less money and receiving things worth a lot more, people sometimes don't splurge on the samples of luxury products.

These are some of the types of boxes one can subscribe to

1. Fashion

Boxes full of fashion you aspire to wear, cute items maybe you couldn't splurge on. These boxes will look into your preferences, your body shape and favorites. They make sure you get what fits you right and what gives you a sense of satisfaction with what you purchase. There are also jewellery boxes for such subscriptions, they ask you questions and create a box that suits your personal style. You can interchange the jewellery items and wear different styles every month. Check out Sugar Box, Lady Raga, Your Box (one complete outfit every month) or The Little Bauble Box (for jewellery).

2. Beauty

From makeup by luxury brands to makeup made with organic ingredients, they have a box for every female depending on their skin type and complexion and the finish of products they prefer. Use a different type of product every month and decide what you like for yourself. It is easy to experiment and try out different, eccentric products and choose what suits your style. Bold red lip to sheer champagne gold eyeshadow, you can get it all. Try out Fab Bag, Happiness Caged or Beauty Wish Box.

3. Food

Subscribing for food boxes and receiving packets of edibles from around the world. You can try items from any country you wish. Want to try candy from Australia? Subscribe to these boxes and go on to savor your taste buds. Try subscribing to food boxes on The Nibble Box or The Gourmet Box.

4. Pets

Sure thing you love your little pet right? Go ahead and subscribe to these little boxes that have things to cater to every need of your beloved pet. Treats when they do a trick, food when the fur baby is hungry or toys when they are in a playful mood, they've got it all covered. Try Woof Box and Wag Box to get boxes for your four-legged child today.

Subscribe and get your box today!

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