10 reasons you should choose thrifting over shopping

10 reasons you should choose thrifting over shopping

As much as we love shopping, who wouldn't mind saving a couple bucks when out for a shopping spree? Thrift shops are based on a structure where items used very rarely by a person are purchased by people owning thrift shops and sold to people for cheap prices. Thrift shops deal in everything ranging from clothes, shoes to home décor items and even knickknacks for your kitchen. Every purchase we make brings us closer to doing our social duties in some way. A part of the purchases go into charities and old age homes and the likes because most thrift stores partner with one or the other charity. These shops usually seem dingy, dimly-lit and dusty.

Beneath all the shade lies several treasures for a shopper. It is true that it takes a while to find your way through all the piles of unnecessary items to actually come across one great item. It is truly said that one man's trash is another man's treasure. What is useless to one person could be of use to another person. An old coca cola t-shirt, not useful for an old man would be very useful to a teenager who can turn it into a cropped tee and add it to their closet. The concept is to avoid adding clothes and other items to landfills and bringing to people's use instead.

It is true that the concept of thrifting or thrift stores is fairly new to our country and is more accessible in western countries. The latest interest people in it has led to a few thrift stores starting here too. A few thrift stores in India are-

• Sisters of the People: Thrift and Book Shop (Delhi)

• Trash and Treasures (Chennai)

• Chor Bazaar (Mumbai) (somewhat of a thrift/flea market)

Reasons why thrifting should be at the top of your list on a shopping trip-

1. Possibility of finding great brands for a fraction of the cost- Rummaging through the huge piles of clothing and other stuff you can come across great finds, namely things from renowned and luxury brands for just a fraction of the actual cost.

2. Instills a sense of recycling in people- When people donate their stuff to thrift store owners, they are promoting reuse and recycling. Purchases at these thrift stores makes it even better, people buy and reuse items.

3. Thrift stores have frequently changing collections- For people who love funky and quirky and different things, thrift shops have the most versatile and different collections. The fact that these collections and items are frequently changed and shuffled up is even better. You will never find same things and collections when you visit thrift shops.

4. You develop unique wardrobes-The eccentric pieces of clothing you can get hold o at thrift stores is mind boggling. Even normal t-shirts or jeans or jackets that you can revamp to something even better makes shopping at these places a win-win situation. You can find pieces from old pricey collections of designers and brands to add to your own wardrobe.

5. Chance of finding legit vintage stuff- Vintage lovers go around looking for stuff they love far and wide. These thrift shops have vintage stuff for very cheap because in more than half of the instances, people don't know what they have.

6. Chance to put your creative hat on- Sometimes when you see an item hanging on a shelf you imagine it to be a certain cut and style. You can purchase it and revamp it to what pleases you.

7. Doing charity while you shop- When you shop at thrift stores, a portion of your purchase money goes to charity. Almost all thrift stores have tie ups with charities and NGOs that help people in need.

8. Heaven for collectors- These stores are always a great place for people who love collective items. Thrift stores are home to a lot of collectibles at very great prices. A steal at the prices so low.

9. Thrift stores go beyond clothes- If you're looking for far more than just clothes, thrift shops are just the right thing for you. Old records, shoes, accessories, home décor, kitchenware and lots more.

10. It is like going on a mini adventure within the four walls of a store- shopping in these dim and fluorescent lit shops is like going on a little adventure in itself. Rummaging through the piles of clothes to find amazing pieces. Look for beautiful vintage pieces or quirky antique pieces out of all the several items up for sale.

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