Some Delhi streets that hold more than just traffic

Some Delhi streets that hold more than just traffic

You can shop till you drop and it still won't be enough for your heart's desire. One of the many great things about Delhi is its wide variety of street markets to shop from, where the malls and posh showrooms take a backseat and are replaced with makeshift shops. Street shopping, commonly known as patri shopping is something almost every Delhi girl is well versed with. If you're comfortable enough to step into crowded galis, get your bargaining game on, thenyou're going to have an amazing adventure while you shop in these street markets. Finding something that can make your day instantly won't be a wonder.

Whether you're looking for clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics or handicrafts, you can find it all on the streets. Its true that shopping in a mall is a comfortable experience, but you'll have the best shopping experience on the very streets of Delhi. These places always have cute things for sale that don't pinch your pocket all that much. We have come up with a handy list of all the street markets you can hit for the best shopping experience-

1. Sarojini Nagar

Easily every girl's favorite place to shop (like, in the whole world), this market is named after the famous freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu. You can find a large variety of things here like clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and more. You can even find factory rejects of brands like Forever 21, Zara, Vero Moda and others at very cheap prices. If you've got strong bargaining skills you can score some hard to believe deals.

The nearest metro station is INA but there are buses and autos that ply too.

2. Lajpat Nagar

If you're looking to buy traditional clothing for cheap, you should hit up Lajpat atleast once. From semi-stitched suits and kurtis to unstitched suit materials, they have it all. Need a fancy dupatta to spruce up your plain jane suit? There are shops that specialize in fancy cloth materials and dupattas! Beautiful pieces of jewellery and fancy handbags for less are also great finds here. The famous Dolma Aunty momos are a plus point!

The nearest metro station to Lajpat Nagar.

3. Kamla Nagar

A go to for DU's North Campus students for short shopping and food trips is the Kamla Nagar market. Home to junk jewellery stalls and cheap yet cute clothes, Kamla Nagar is a must go for a good street shopping experience. If you get tired and hungry, there are several options for delicious street food.

The nearest metro station is Vishwavidyalaya.

4. Janpath

For all things desi like jutttis, jhumkis and the likes, go explore the Janpath street and you'll find the best picks. Want some trendy cool sunglasses for cheap? You'll find those here too. You can even find some pretty decorative lanterns for your home.

The nearest metro station is Janpath.

5. Palika Bazaar

This underground airconditioned market in CP is heaven for gamers. You can find all your gaming gear and second hand mobile phones and gaming consoles. Bargaining a little will help you strike great deals because the shopkeepers would rather sell their products than have them piled up to dust.

Nearest metro station is Rajiv Chowk

6. Gaffar Market

Gaffar is your go to if you want to purchase electronics at good low prices. Primarily known for duplicate parts of phones and repair work, a part unknown is that it is also a great place for makeup and footwear shopping for both women and men alike.

The closest metro station is Karol Bagh.

7. Khan Market

Home to several famous shops like Good Earth and Sham Di Hatti, Khan market is full of things you need. Apart from shopping, it is also known widely for the street food options there. And don't forget to visit the underground book shop here.

The closest metro station is Khan Market on the violet line.

8. Tibetan/Monastery Market

This market is an absolute must visit for the fashionable college goers to shop their hearts out. It is very famous for clothes, bags and footwear. You can also pick beautiful Tibetan artifacts like paintings and handicrafts. Jewelry made of semi-precious stones is also a big hit among the shoppers. A hunger pang from all the shopping can be satiated with scrumptious Tibetan Food.

Kashmere Gate is the nearest metro station.

9. M-Block Market, GK-1

Famous for the many branded showrooms there, this market also has sellers scattered in between these high-end showrooms that deal in trendy clothes, footwear and chunky jewelry. These are sure to give you flea market feels. The tiredness from shopping for long is forgotten when you get to much on the junk and street food options available.

Kailash Colony is the closest metro station and an auto from there onwards.

10. Chandni Chowk

If you're looking for a place that can cater to your shopping for different things at one place, look no further than Chandni Chowk. From running fabrics to beautiful stitched lehengas, and from electronic goods to exquisite jewelry you will find one part of the market for it all.

The nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk.

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