"Brahmāstra: Part One - Shiva" - Bollywood's very own Avengers - Infinity Wars!

Brahmāstra: Part One - Shiva - Bollywoods very own Avengers - Infinity Wars!Shiva - Part One!

Brahmastra is one of the most awaited and celebrated releases of the decade, if not more and, rightly so!

I shall make a humble attempt to share my experience with the audiences who are still in two minds about whether or not to watch it over the big screen or wait for its OTT release.

I myself had been amongst that lot however, extremely glad that I converted and decided to go with the former option. Hence, it is worth the effort to bring you guys a perspective on this latest, mega release of the year or shall we say the decade? For the ones who watched and are busy making funny memes on the existence of a subject like this need to go back to figure out what were they expecting from a fantasy film in the first place, that too it being the maiden one making it super unique.

The erstwhile team of Ayan Mukherjee, KJo & Ranbir created magic in a simple boy next door flick called Wake Up Sid back in 2009.

In 2011, the young director Ayan decided to pioneer and create India's first big ticket VFX cinema experience which took 5 plus years to shoot and ended up becoming the most expensive one at the time of its release - 418 crores plus.

Contrarian to the movies we'd expect from a talented, yet novice director - this one is definitely at par with the Hollywood 3/4Ds we grew up watching.

So, yes we can effortlessly put this in the leagues of Avengers, Avatar, Harry Potter and more, just with some added flavour of the cliche bollywood style flamboyance, romance & dance, but nothing that one should complain about as there is more to rave about.

To me, it signifies a new era in the Bollywood world for its one of a kind visuals, special effects - VFX, direction, screenplay, editing, background score, art direction - so on point. Performances par excellence - well at least most of them were, Deepika playing Mrs. India with her ghosting special appearance playing Shiva aka Ranbir's mother adding some humour to my long write up about a movie that is deeply rooted into Hindu Mythology, and so getting to witness all of the elements of nature with an underlying message that love conquers it all - is really the crux of this film.

Yes, at times one feels why would we need to showcase - Isha (synonym for Parvati), the lead female actor played by Alia Bhatt quite convincingly, but to my mind it is meant to unfold right at the end of part one, so my advice is not to jump the gun or be preemptive, and watch some scenes for their face value, and that they will seemingly come across as irrelevant or frivolous, yet well tied to the script.

For me personally, this is a special watch for more reasons than one. First and foremost, it is a great watch for the ones who would resonate much with our rich Hindu heritage and mythology.

Obviously, such a subject would entail some bit of fiction, fantasy and dreaminess yet that doesn't impact the relevance of each of the characters, who for the most part do justice to their bit.

For someone who deeply connects with Lord Shiva and elements of nature (especially fire), to watch multiple deja vu moments through the film, on a Monday which is believed to be Lord Shiva's day comes with feelings of over joy and a sense of gratification towards the fact that we need to embrace our core value system whatever it comes from be it religion, be it spirituality.

Being a devoted deity, the sequence of Nandi Astra being put to protect the good from evil is so meaningful and profound.

The Vaanar Astra signifies the power of Lord Hanuman who was Shiva Avatar, how it could empower even the bad is integral to the script as it kicks off right at the start of the film and continues to exist through most parts.

God exists in everything; both the good & the bad however, the victory is always of good over evil. Every religion endorses that the test of true love is sacrifice ("Tyaag") and that can reverse even fatal natural calamities and destruction of any order.

Critiquing the performances would perhaps be the easiest, most effortless task in this entire review exercise, not because the star cast is truly "starry" but because each one plays what they are meant to, as they are meant to; be it Shiva played by our very own father to be - Ranbir Kapoor with Agni astra as his power.

He is good at his craft, this role is a niche for him as well. It was super fun to watch him play with fire - literally, haha!

Isha, his love interest in reel and real life played by Alia Bhatt does well, as usual. Though for me her styling could have been better, I mean the Kesariya song shot in Kashi could have been done in something more traditional outfit, than that ill fitted yellow skirt and top, the Durga Pooja sarees too were so over the top and then wearing that black flowery tunic at the Guru's Ashram was so out of place.

Moving on to Raghu played by the man himself - Mr. AB who perhaps just defies logic when it comes to any kind of role. SRK is a special ingredient to KJo's productions and the same applies to this one too, with him playing the scientist who initiates the plot and puts his Ra-One skills to good use. Not a fan girl but he did good!

Junoon - the villainess takes the limelight for me and Mouni Roy just nails it well, guess thanks to her Naagin avatar that she comes out so detestful, true to the role though does it with much needed "junoon - passion".

Her two accomplices making equally negative impact and completely doing justice to their characters respectively.

Nagarjuna sir, was the right choice for the role of Anish Shetty with Nandi astra and the much needed valour & courage, as displayed to protect the Brahmastra.

Lastly, I don't know what Dimple Kapadia was in there for? Still wondering, haha.

Last but not the least, the newest entrants to Brahmansh played by those bunch of young kids with a cause was such a treat to watch, else imagine what the millennials these days are signing up for haha!

In summary, Brahmastra is a visual delight, a well delivered output of all the numerous years of hard work & perseverance and, must not be missed.

Let's just say the Bahubali series align well with this and more that follow post Part one - Shiva.

Let's stay tuned for the series to unfold - next one being Dev (Brahma Dev).

Nami Luthra

Nami Luthra

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