Water Crisis in Vasant Kunj: 11 Days Without Water, Residents Demand Immediate Action

Water Crisis in Vasant Kunj: 11 Days Without Water, Residents Demand Immediate Action

In a shocking display of negligence, Vasant Kunj's Pocket A, Sector A faces an alarming water shortage, now entering its 11th day. Residents, burdened by the prolonged agony, seek answers from authorities, only to find them engaged in a blame game while taps remain dry.

An anonymous resident shared a scathing account, blaming the lack of attention from the Delhi Jal Board's mechanical and civil departments and the Metro station contractors for the prolonged water scarcity.

"Eleven days without water in the colony. They are not working at the pace they should be. This should have been sorted in 2-3 days. But now, it's been 11 days," exclaimed the resident.

Despite residents' desperate attempts to seek help from local authorities, including the MLA, Federation General Secretary, and Federation President, the situation remains stagnant. Frustration mounts as the resident states, "We don't see the movement needed to bring this to closure. This is such a travesty."

Water tankers dispatched to houses in the colony, while keeping residents temporarily appeased, are not a sustainable solution. The resident emphasised, "They are not working at the speed needed to sort it out. They have not traced the problem; that's the issue."

Residents report a meagre trickle of water when the pump operates, highlighting the severity of the issue. As the water crisis persists, residents endure physical discomfort and the psychological toll of uncertainty. The community's plea for swift resolution grows louder, demanding accountability from the concerned authorities.

Bulbul Thapliyal

Bulbul Thapliyal

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