Are journalists safe in India? Maybe not


Sandeep Sharma, a 35-year-old investigative journalist was recently killed in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district. Sharma, who was working for a national channel was reporting on illegal sand mining in the region. He had been worried about his life and had approached the police too regarding the same. Due to lack of any timely action to be taken by the police, Sharma lost his life on March 25, 2018.

The question is why are journalists getting killed for doing their jobs?

A 2016 CPJ special report, "Dangerous Pursuit," found that small-town journalists in India face greater risk in their reporting than those from larger outlets, and that a culture of impunity makes the country's press vulnerable to threats and attacks.

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and it cannot be crushed. Join Democracy News Live campaign #journalismwithoutfear and share your story of courage and how you kept going in the face of fear. Tell us if you have been threatened for doing your job. Let's make India a better and safer place for journalists. Let's not give up.

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