Canadians burn Indian Flag in Toronto


On July 9, 2023, Khalistani separatist groups in Vancouver and Surrey, Canada, engaged in acts of desecration against the Indian flag during separate protests. In Vancouver, a group of Khalistanis was observed stomping on the Indian flag and shouting slogans in favor of Khalistan. Similarly, in Surrey, another group of Khalistanis tore the Indian flag and struck it with a shoe.

The Indian government and the Indian community in Canada have strongly condemned the desecration of the Indian flag. The Indian High Commission in Canada expressed deep concern over the incidents and assured that it is taking all necessary steps to investigate the matter.

Desecrating the Indian flag is a serious offense in India, punishable by imprisonment for up to three years. The Canadian government has not yet issued an official response regarding these incidents. This disrespectful act towards the Indian flag serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by Khalistani separatist groups. Khalistani groups have been active in Canada for several years and have a history of resorting to violence. A notable example is the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 carried out by Khalistani militants, resulting in the loss of 329 lives.

The Indian government has consistently alerted Canada about the dangers associated with Khalistani separatists. In 2018, a travel advisory was issued to Indian citizens, cautioning them about the potential for violence from Khalistani groups in Canada.

The desecration of the Indian flag underscores the need for increased vigilance against Khalistani separatist activities. The Canadian government should take decisive measures to address the activities of these groups and prevent future incidents of flag desecration. In addition to the flag desecration, clashes between pro-India and pro-Khalistan groups were reported in Vancouver and Surrey, requiring police intervention to disperse the crowds.

These incidents have caused tension within the Indian community in Canada, raising concerns about the safety of their families and friends. The Indian government has urged the Canadian government to take appropriate action to ensure the protection of the Indian community.

The desecration of the Indian flag, along with the clashes between pro-India and pro-Khalistan groups, reminds us of the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan regarding the Kashmir issue. The two nations have been involved in three wars over Kashmir, which remains a significant source of conflict. This incident of flag desecration emphasizes the importance of peace and stability in the region. It is crucial for the governments of India and Pakistan to work together to resolve the Kashmir issue and prevent further acts of violence.

Bulbul Thapliyal

Bulbul Thapliyal

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